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GRAND FITTINGS STRUCTURE Foundation RCC pile Superstructure Reinforced cement Earthquake resistant structural design as per IS code Masonry walls Brickwork/AAC […]


Who we are?

Ascon Infrastructure (India) Ltd was established in 2009 by the visionary Laxman Jaiswal, Managing Director. The aim was to accelerate the pace of real estate development in the state besides undertaking various civil engineering
projects. Today the company operates in all the key segments of the Indian real estate industry … residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. The operations cover various other aspects such as land identification,
acquisition, project planning, design, marketing and execution. Today Ascon enjoys the approval of various banks and can therefore easily facilitate financial assistance for potential customers. The company has IGBC certifications
besides a registered trademark and membership accreditation with CREDAI (Bengal), CII and ISO 9001-2008.


2 BHK- Flat area ranges from 913 sq.ft to 1083 sq.ft



Ascon Infrastructure (India) Ltd was established in 2009 by the visionary Laxman Jaiswal, Managing Director. The aim was to accelerate […]



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Under Jaiswal’s able guidance and supervision Ascon has steadily gained popularity in North Kolkata. He has always deeply valued commitments. This reflects in the workings of Ascon. The company has always delivered quality housing with world-class fittings and superior materials, all on-time. In addition there are no hidden costs and no escalation in rates after booking. This transparency, among others, has been honoured by residents and potential
customers alike. In 2014 Ascon was converted to a limited organisation.


Driven by the passion to build a better Bengal, Jaiswal believes in making quality housing affordable. He hopes his projects will not only make living better for the residents but also provide more livelihood opportunities across the state. This is his aim at large. In a few words, the company hopes “to turn dreams to assets”.

I started my journey in this intensely competitive real estate industry about two decades ago. It all started with a modest beginning of one project at Baguihati. Several others were set up soon. Marble Court, one of the major structures, has been much appreciated. Ascon Infrastructure (India) Limited is a sum of my experiences.
The company has undertaken and successfully completed several projects, of which Shree Tower VI and Shree
Tower VII are now fully occupied. Another huge commercial project on VIP Road now houses Baazar Kolkata,Bata, Titan, KFC and others. Among the promising projects in the pipeline are Asav Enclave, Ascon Era and
Ascon Irika. Together they will carpet construction area of over 6,00,000 sq ft.


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